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Farid Kohi


Get A Free Quote President Farid Kohi Manager 14 years Work Experience        President Farid Kohi  is not only the president of FKCC, but also heads it board of governors. Sitting at the helm of affairs, this young man has demonstrated his life-long experience of handling construction projects on several occasions. As a [...]

Muhammad Hashim

Vice President

Vice President Muhammad Hashim Manager 10 Years Work Experience Vice President Mohammed Hashim  FKCC feels proud to be led the young blood like Vice President Mohammed Hashim  who always ensure his presence over very projects. He not only remains present with his staff at every project, but also wins cooperation of the sub-organization to ensure [...]

Eng. Ahsanullah

Eng. Department Head & Adviser

Eng. Department Head & Adviser Eng. Ahsanullah 10 Work Experience Mr. Ehsanullah is working as Eng. Department Head & Adviser


Operation Head

Operation Head Nangilay 8 Work Experience



Admin Shekib 5 Work Experience