Our Core Values

Service with Integrity and Experts 

Our mission of remaining true to our words has not only won the confidence of our foreign and local clients and stakeholders, but also of the local population where we complete our projects. FKCC not only understands the core local conventions, but also remains loyal to the local Afghan culture. Our local and foreign qualified staff members have the ability to integrate the locality swiftly into architecture giving every construction a unique and specific Afghan touch. This approach of our management team has not only win laurels from our foreign clients, but also from local government administrations.

Leaving aside our working with the foreign investors and local corporations, our private stakeholders are also growing day by day. That is how our mission of beautiful and exquisite construction of Afghanistan seems to be fulfilled by us.

  • Great Blend of Local Culture In International Style
  • Quality Product In Minimum Budget
  • Staff Integration Into Local Culture
  • Sticking To Local Ethical And Moral Values During Operations
  • High Values Of Honesty, Integrity And Professionalism
  • Constructive And Positive Approach During Trials and Tribulation
  • Ability To Work In All Times And Circumstances
  • Priority To Satisfaction Of Customers, Stakeholders And Clients
  • Honor Promises Disregard Of Circumstances
  • Ability To Mould Circumstances Into Clients’ Advantage

Our Core Corporate Values