Company History

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Company History

Farid Kohi Construction Company feels proud in launching its operations in the volatile Afghanistan around three years back, but standing tall in the market through acceptance of challenges and coming straight successfully in executing every construction, renovation and reconstruction project it started.

When FKCC jumped in the bandwagon of construction enterprises in Afghanistan, there were several other companies venturing in this field, but none of them dared enter some areas due to the fear of attacks and threats. However, FKCC brought a simple approach of remaining apolitical in its ideology and corporate in its mission. It started every project with a mission and carried on with its tenacity and perseverance. Its several projects completed in troubled region of Paktia speak volumes about its operational efficiency and steadfastness of our staff.

We knew from the very inception that construction operations would thrive on account of market demand mechanism despite recession in the global market, and we also knew that respect to local culture would be the major point of success in construction sector. However, our immediate access to the remotest and volatile regions, our local handling of international style and our staff’s approach to the project won us a great respect and honor amongst our competitor companies.

We know that local culture can never be ignored even in tough corporate culture. Therefore, we kept our approach of merging modern style into locality. We have come up with newer ideas and devised innovations in every field of construction.

Not resting upon our laurels, we are also making plans to join hands with non-government organizations, government corporate bodies and private ventures to work for the welfare and progress of the local communities. Our experience in construction and designing will play a major role in the uplift of not only urban centers, but also of remote hilly hamlets.

We hope to play a critical role in bringing modern architecture in our homeland and blending it with our culture through our patriotic commitment.