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Farid Kohi Construction Company

Farid Kohi Construction Company’s mission is to bring excellence in the construction of infrastructure in Afghanistan along with survey, design and construction of roads, buildings, shopping malls, skyscrapers, shops and residences. We knew, when we launched the company in Afghanistan it was a challenging job to start a construction venture in a war-torn country where disastrous happenings are not new, where every other day bring new volatility in circumstances, and where most of the foreign ventures fear in investing. We knew that we would have to face threats, extortion, and bullying, but our apolitical mission and our impartial approach did well in making us entrenched in the competitive market of construction in Afghanistan. Sheer tenacity of the company’s management team and commitment of our staff led us to the pinnacles of success that a few vie for.

Our major purpose was to start projects almost in every nook and corner of Afghanistan. Starting from little ventures of a few thousand dollars, we brought the company where now it can start any major project involving several clients, stakeholders and sub-groups to lead to successful completion.

Our organization is unique and apart from other competitors operational in the market in that we not only stick to our commitments, but also prove tenacious, transparent and steadfast disregard of the turn of the situation. Our working staff has demonstrated these moral and ethical dedications during disconcerting times in some of the areas we worked.